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【can you renovate a rental with a business loan 】 After understanding the meaning in Chu Shaoyan's eyes, Ye Tianhe smiled very relieved. He was glad that he had not misjudged the wrong person, because Chu Shaoyan signaled him with his eyes that Chu Shaoyan would not leave the gang, the reason why he said that was to give Ye Tianhe a step, and he didn't want to embarrass Ye Tianhe. 。

The owner of the eyes is a middle-aged man who looks very thin. The middle-aged man is not tall and wears a gray suit. His skin is very white, as if soaked in milk, coupled with his handsome appearance, the first impression he gives people is that he is handsome, or even bewitching. And those mouse eyes that are always turning tell everyone that this person is a very sinister guy.

"Then are you still working hard for him?" Song Yingjie sneered.

It is true that the land price in Jiangcheng is not cheap and the house price is not low, and the property prices in many urban areas are more than 10,000 yuan, but Chu Shaoyan is not lying. After all, Huading Group has a real estate company under it, and it is relatively easy to solve the housing problems of the brothers.

"That's not necessarily the case!" As soon as Ah Bao finished speaking, someone objected. Hearing this, Chu Shaoyan's heart moved, and he immediately turned his gaze to the speaker.

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Chu Shaoyan added: "In fact, there are many proofs that black money can be recovered; Lu Zhen, don't think that you can escape the country's pursuit by saving money abroad, and leave a foundation of prosperity and wealth for your family."
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Chu Shaoyan said: "Okay, hang on the hook, it's a nail in the coffin. What's the matter, tell me?"
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After listening to Chu Shaoyan's narration, Ye Ruoxi frowned, and said slightly worried: "Brother Shaoyan, my dad will be fine if he stays in Harbor City, right?"
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"I'm in a hotel near Harbor City. What's the matter, Nuo Xue?" Sensing that Guan Nuoxue's tone was wrong, Chu Shaoyan frowned subconsciously. In Chu Shaoyan's understanding, Guan Nuoxue belongs to the kind of girl with a straightforward personality and a strong nerve, an optimistic girl. Girls like her seldom shed tears because they watch a sad TV series or listen to a sad story. Usually she lives very happily and rarely has troubles. For other women, the so-called troubles are usually not worth mentioning in her opinion.
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Chu Shaoyan nodded, walked in with his things, and closed the door directly.
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Wang Qiang patted Chu Shaoyan on the shoulder and said with a smile, "This is my new brother, how is it?"
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"The collusion between the Hong Lianhui and the Tong family has grown. To a certain extent, I bear the responsibility that cannot be shirked." Bai Zhenghua suddenly smiled bitterly, and the smoke curled up from his fingertips. "Actually, I tolerate what they do. , I have no choice but to. In fact, I have a handle in their hands."
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The female policeman said: "Sister Jinlin asked me to wait for you here. She has already gone to the Luwan branch with Chief Wang. Don't worry, she has asked her superiors to take this case into her hands."
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