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【loans for bad credit in uk 】 "What?!" 。

Suddenly someone shouted loudly, Geng Bei raised his head suddenly, and saw a monster with two fists the size of a hammer rushing towards Geng Bei's chest, and with a bang, Geng Bei spat out a mouthful of blood and flew back backwards !

After seeing Jiang Li, the courier brother said embarrassedly: "Brother, your box is too big and heavy, I can't lift it. Come down and give me a hand?"

Jiang Li said: "Good meat is the essence of animals, a great tonic."

Seeing this, Jiang Li laughed immediately: "I, Cao, understand everything? I'm starting to like educated demons, haha..."

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Not only them, at that moment, the cars on the road began to pull over, which shows how much influence the gods have on the people of today.
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There was a muffled sound from the hill one kilometer away, and the earth and rocks exploded, directly blasting a big hole out of him!
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Jiang Li suddenly lost his composure, took the bank card and said, "Who are you lying to? Where did you get so much money..."
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"What if we all want to move?" The Yin-Yang Night Demon's actions completely angered all the demons, and all the demons stared upward with scarlet or blue eyes.
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Not long after, an SUV rushed all the way into the airport, and then several men got out of the car carelessly.
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