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【person of interest season 3 free download 】 Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly and quickly said: "Okay, okay. There is one more thing I must emphasize!" 。

"Man dies for wealth, and bird dies for food. When you are dying, I will give you a banknote as a gift." Chu Shaoyan took out a green banknote, seemingly slowly, and finally flicked his wrist.

The rock man's tiger body suddenly trembled violently, and then rushed into the villa like lightning: At this moment, the villa was in a mess, but strangely, there was no one there, and the scene in the new house made the rock man even more furious!

"No, scoundrel, that's my sister Yun!" Although she was dazed, Ye Jinlin became jealous unconsciously, and then let go of the pink arm that was wrapped around his neck, trying to pull his other arm away.

What a diabolical analogy! The veins popped up on Chu Shaoyan's forehead, and his hands were shaking.

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At this time, Liu Danyan, the new president of Huali Group, stood up: "Mayor Xiao, can the government provide certain financial support policies for the housing project?"
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At this moment, the police car stopped, and it was Long Guozheng who jumped out. He exchanged greetings with Chu Shaoyan through the car window. It turned out that this guy had just been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Corps, took over Ye Jinlin's position, was promoted from the main department to the deputy department, and became Wang Hong's trusted subordinate.
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"Squeak—" Although the iron pipe door is solid, it can't resist the prying of a few iron bars, and it gradually bends open.
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Although she appeared with a veil, Zidie clearly attracted Wu Tianhao's gaze firmly. Staring sideways at that graceful water snake waist and plump curves, Wu Tianhao's heart suddenly shook violently.
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"Yes... yes... it was the fifth master of the Hong Lianshe who asked me... I..." The woman showed a terrified look, and stopped talking. Obviously, that fifth master once gave her a great deterrent.
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Several girls were still shopping. The prices of international famous brands in the duty-free area were quite favorable, and the styles were quite novel. The girls were attracted.
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"Yes." Ye Jinlin nodded without thinking, "Sister Yun, he deserves this!"
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"Sled? Where did you get the sled?" Shangguan Zetian was dumbfounded, and even looked at his luggage unconsciously.
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