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how to get cash loan from bank - how can i pay less interest on my car loan .Su Ran turned around and sat down again, "It's settled like this. In addition, I also need a sharp weapon that can break through the fourth-grade skin Gu, and the Eight Great Masters will also prepare one for me. I don't need this, just borrow it. " |.

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There are tracking Gu worms, and naturally there are Gu worms that hide their tracks. .

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If it's a fourth-rank moon hunting master of the Melting Gu School, then it seems... not so good. ...

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Wang Qinshu only mentioned the Zhongyu, and then sold Guanzi, saying: "The information in the Zhongyu is the product of the Wangu Tower. The Wangu Tower has rules. I can't go into details. Mr. Su understands."

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Only the pulse is still in the category of five times of strengthening at the first rank.

The lower third rank can fight the upper rank of the third rank, but it is extremely difficult, almost impossible for the upper rank of the second rank to fight against the lower rank of the third rank.

Su Ran also sat down. This time, there was no bamboo curtain between the two parties, but they sat at the same table.

Su Ran hastily swung his fist to block it. Before the fist was formed, he was hit by the sword light. He only felt that a beam of light was cutting his skin, and then this beam of light also smashed him with a huge impact force. Into the tower of the city main tower.

The only Longshan gang members who are really close to Su Ran are Qian Buer and Feng Jieren, but they are hiding in the Ten Thousand Gu Building.

Although he had been a bandit, he wasn't really a bandit.

Countless people around the Longshan gang saw Su Ran being smashed into the pit with a hammer, and their faces were full of surprises.

In the middle of the night, it was still a barren mountain, and it was obviously abnormal for a woman to appear.

After all, after only four months, how much can the realm improve.

An illusory claw shadow descended from the sky, capturing the third-grade spirit Gu in one fell swoop. .

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Of course he was the masked man, and he also took away the woman named Rongrong. .

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