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test. mortgage license "Junior Sister Ling is still in the Immortal Realm, and she is not far away from crossing the catastrophe and becoming an immortal. The blood of the King of Kings is on the verge of awakening. Immortal Qin cannot limit her future." ….

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If he continues to rush to the forefront, and An Ran still has the strength to leverage the Immortal Universe again, under the terrible impact, he will never have any reason to escape! .

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The Taiming Sword roared towards him, the Nine Yous Bridge of Life and Death crossed the sky, and the dual blades of Yin and Yang hovered behind his head. ...

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This guy still has a grudge against the Godmother?

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The face of the Goddess turned dark, and it took a long while before she nodded with difficulty.

Even Emperor Xianqin didn't expect that behind the Great Xia Kingdom, there was actually a Xuanxian standing!

"The barbarian land in the lower realm has developed such an astonishing atmosphere, and there are even more than one immortal sitting in the town. Such power is no less than some small forces in the fairy world."

Now, after confirming that the person had gone away and disappeared into the chaos, they naturally let go of their hands and feet.

Even if he sacrificed the decree of the Immortal King, or even the treasures bestowed by his mother, they still could not escape the cooperation of the two Immortal Kings.

When An Ran flickered the Godmother's attention, he also used the floating tentacles he had just subdued to sneak a group of masters from the Heavenly Dao Academy into Saifang Immortal State.

Occasionally, there was a fierce collision sound coming from the divine light, and only the figures of boys and girls could be seen intertwined, some of them were woven into feathers and hung on them, and immediately those clothes were torn, and the feathers were broken, only The remaining two reprimanded lightly and angrily!

An Ran thought for a while and then nodded: "There is really no misunderstanding."

However, it is not a vein of five-color gold, but a vein of countless remnant fossils!

"It should be just my illusion." Bai Yueyao felt relieved. .

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"No way, the guest can do whatever he wants." .

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