non-traditional college students and student loan debt
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【direct loan student loan servicing 】 Around my age? What is the reason for this? Chu Shaoyan almost fell down depressed when he heard it. He is still unmarried, and now he is said to be about the same age as a mature woman with a seventeen or eighteen-year-old daughter. This is too hurtful! 。

Ye Huabin's triangular eyes flashed a sinister cold light, winking to the left and right.

Shangguan Zetian smiled, patted Chu Shaoyan on the shoulder and said, "Young Master Shaoyan, don't be tricky, tell us your plan!"

"I'm not your father!" Nangong Mingdao yelled angrily, "Do you think I'm your father? Immediately sever ties with Chu Shaoyan and move back home!"

Under her father's strict requirements, Bai Feiyan is an extremely low-key person. She doesn't know many people in Jiangcheng's political circles, but she has met most of them as long as they are important. After all, those people had been to her house before, and they accepted the orders from Bai Zhenghua, the former head of the Jiangcheng administration.

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"Hehe." Long Guo was directing the police to arrest the guys in the van, and said with a smile, "You're welcome. Speaking of which, it's thanks to you, brother, that I can be promoted!"
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Such a stunning beauty put Chu Shaoyan's heart to the test, he tilted his head slightly and smiled wryly: "Yes."
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Zhao Yanni's expression changed drastically, she got up without saying a word, wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, and left quickly...
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At this moment, lightning bolts tore through the night one after another, and the flood was already rushing towards this side fiercely. Chu Shaoyan ordered everyone to go up and then retreat. Suddenly, everyone saw a person staggering towards here tens of meters in front of the flood!
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Shangguan Zetian smiled and said: "Sister Yan has a good sense of him! Senior Rong is also a handsome man, with a distinguished family background, profound knowledge, and a good way of dealing with people. He is a rare man. Sister Yan, Would you like me to introduce you? I think he had a very good impression of you that day!"
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"Of course!" Chu Shaoyan's heart suddenly shivered, and he smiled bitterly: "Yaoyao, your brother died because of me before. I didn't protect him well. I'm sorry for your whole family! From now on, I will be your real brother, your mother dear son!"
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After the crowd dispersed, even the onlookers who were watching the fun lost their minds and went away with a loud sound.
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"Are you looking for Mr. Wang?" The manager was startled, and then his face was filled with a professional smile again, "Are you a regular customer? I'm sorry, our Mr. Wang is not here today, you..."
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