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Jiang Li shook his head and said, "Old man, just save yourself some trouble. ... what is the total amount of student loan debt

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Hei Lian came over to take a look, and said, "Jiang Li, I think if you want to get out of the order, you can choose one of these fans. I think the success rate should be quite high!" .

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Han Ye asked, "Aren't you eager to know what my grandfather knows?" ...

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Leona didn't talk nonsense, and directly killed her with a sword.

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It's a pity... We've been trying to survive for so long, but we haven't found a chance.

Jiang Li snorted, and said, "That's right, that guy's strength just now is not bad, even stronger than the Tsar. So I used a little more strength, how about it? My recent delivery is not bad, right? The strength is contained but not vomited, The internal eruption is quite powerful, right?"

Ma Yuan patted her on the shoulder, and said dotingly: "You are not deep in the world, so it is understandable to misunderstand people. But in the future, don't make any claims, you know? This time because you know that you brought an ordinary person , and there are many strong people here, and god-level masters are in charge, so you are allowed to do nonsense. In the future, I will not allow it, understand?"

"Haven't you contacted Jiang Li yet?" Lao Hua growled.

Han Ye laughed loudly and said, "Did you hear that? This is the devil!"

Jing Ying didn't want to argue with Jiang Li either, so she walked over and sat opposite Jiang Li, and said, "I have something serious to tell you."

The devil just gave us a little sweetness, and we treat them as idols... It's ridiculous, a waste who doesn't even identify with his own race, what face is there to call a human! "

Jiang Li said: "Once and for all."

Reasoning with women?

Fortunately, Jiang Li is different. Although he is unparalleled in combat power, he is still an ordinary person in essence and has never practiced before, so there is no such hurdle. .

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I have been transformed in all aspects in the Tenjin Palace. Now I am a cloud warrior who combines the advantages of the third and fourth generation gods. I can practice and have inherited the latest biological gene technology. Even if it is a god level, I can win it. " .

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