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【how to know what kind of student loan repayment plan to choose 】 Due to the share replacement, Chu Shaoyan now owns 2% of Huading Group's shares, and was nominated by Shangguan Zetian as the group's executive director, which was approved by the shareholders' meeting. 。

Chu Shaoyan simply and completely uncovered the silk quilt, the woman screamed in fright, and then threw herself into his arms with a flushed face, and kept beating his shoulders: "Bad guy!"

The beautiful woman raised her head, glanced at him arrogantly, then tapped her golden high heels, and walked forward in a clinking manner, while the young man stood respectfully behind her and watched her go away.

"Whose phone number?" Huaye Jinlin, a policewoman with a haggard face, asked. Recently, the police station took her annual leave temporarily in consideration of special circumstances.

Being stared at by Chu Shaoyan, Liu Yong felt as if he was being stared at by a king cobra, feeling uncomfortable all over. At this moment Liu Yong seemed to understand why Ye Tianhe chose Chu Shaoyan. Because at this moment, the pressure facing Chu Shaoyan is greater than the pressure he faced anyone before.

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At this moment, Chu Shaoyan was finally awakened by the icy sea water. Seeing the situation around him, he couldn't help being startled. He let go of the girl's arm. The girl's right hand just wiped her tears, her body sank immediately, and she drank a few mouthfuls. Sea water, desperately struggling with one hand.
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"No, it's nothing..." Han Xiang blushed and quickly denied it.
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Chu Shaoyan is not a fool, he immediately understood what she was talking about, now all kinds of advertisements are flying all over the sky, and there are so many women around him, how can he not be clear? Immediately, he coughed awkwardly and walked outside.
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At this time, the door of a small meeting room in the Luwan Public Security Bureau was closed. Chu Shaoyan sat slumped on the chair, Ye Jinlin held his head in her arms, and gently combed his hair.
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Not long after Chu Shaoyan left Wang Qiang's place, he suddenly received an unexpected call: the caller was a woman, a woman with a unique identity, and a hostile woman. She told Chu Shaoyan that she wanted to destroy some people, some of her and his enemies, some of the most vicious and damned people in the world.
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"No problem!" Chu Shaoyan answered very simply.
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Hearing Guan Nuoxue's words, Chu Shaoyan nodded with a wry smile, then slowly walked towards the three of them with the eyes of a king looking at ants, holding a stool.
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"Hiss—" The four of them immediately made a toothache sound, and their faces changed drastically. The name Chu Shaoyan can be said to be resounding in the political and business circles of Jiangcheng. The Tong family of the five members of the Standing Committee, and the mighty Dugu family who destroyed one of the four major families in Jiangcheng. In particular, the police just received his order the day before yesterday to mobilize across the board to sweep up the strongholds of the Honglian Association and its peripheral forces in the city.
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