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【small business loan yelp 】 Now that street is covered by me, once you pass by, who doesn't know me, Brother Crow? Now you don't have to pay for food. " 。

But no one expected that she actually beheaded a demigod-level demon, shocking the world!

Very excited!

To be included in the top 100 list of natural disasters, at least the second level of natural disasters is required.

Jiang Li looked at Hei Lian, and Hei Lian said, "This guy is a bit skinny, why don't you feed him for two days? At that time, buy some chili or something for him to eat, let's soak in the flavor first and then talk about it."

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The teacher looked at Jiang Li, then at the pig-like old man who was whipped all over the place, and said with a wry smile, "I'm afraid I have to deal with it..."
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All demons are extremely sensitive to negative energy. Normally, demons who have resentment towards their masters will basically be killed on the spot.
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This is probably the most powerful combat force on Blue Star, right?
*please make sure your loan is secured properly*
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But at this moment, Jiang Li was sitting on the ground, stroking his chubby belly, belching, picking his teeth, and said with great satisfaction, "I'm finally full and comfortable..."
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"who is he?"
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Jiang Li grinned and said, "Good guy, the big gold chains are all matched, what's the matter? Are you going to be a gangster?"
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Hei Lian curled her lips and remained silent.
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"Sir, how to check?" One person asked.
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