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Today she suddenly lost confidence, she really cared too much about his opinion. Zixia Fairy and Zhizunbao in the movie, Zixia Fairy is so beautiful, but Zhizunbao's appearance is mediocre. But what about the real version? The Supreme Treasure is so outstanding, so how can Fairy Zixia match? Am I an ugly duckling? The girl muttered unsurely. ... tri county community college small business loan

test. chances of getting small business loan with bad personal credit Chu Shaoyan drove along the beautiful street towards the villa of the Toyotomi family. The private villa of the Toyotomi family is located in the south of the city. There are no other villas for the rich. When Chu Shaoyan was driving about two kilometers away from the villa of the Toyotomi Family, he suddenly noticed that both sides of the path were covered with hidden stakes to protect the Toyotomi Mansion. ….

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banks that will give a small loan with poor cr4dit - small loan of a million dollars you wouldn't believe it . Chu Shaoyan nodded and said, "After tonight's reception, we will rush back to Jiangcheng overnight." |.

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During the banquet, Bai Zhenghua looked as usual, but he didn't pay attention to Bai Feiyan and Chu Shaoyan at all. He just cared about chatting with the old subordinates of Jiangcheng when he was in power. Regardless of Chu Shaoyan, he is naturally not surprised by favors or humiliations, such small humiliations are nothing to him, but Bai Feiyan, the daughter of Vice Governor Bai, has tears in her eyes all the time, and she is about to cry. .

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As soon as the others went out, Xu Dahui couldn't wait to ask: "Brother Chu, do you really have a way to find the hiding place of the Guam Gang within three days?" ...

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He lowered his head trembling slightly, and glanced at her: the corner of the girl's mouth was curled up in her sleep, there was no haze of the past, but only a sweet smile remained. Perhaps in the past few years, this was the sweetest and most sound sleep she had slept; at this time her face was beautiful, shining in the morning light, pure and flawless like a saint.

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Chu Shaoyan snorted and finished a plate of fried steak, and then drank a large cup of coffee.

Speaking of this, she gritted her teeth as if she had made a decision: "Boss, if you can save my father, you can do whatever you want with my life! But I hope you don't deal with my father, he is innocent. "

Hua Zidie raised her head and smiled, nodded and said: "I checked, my mother is in good condition, but the excessive drinking and organ failure are very serious. Chu Shaoyan, you must fulfill your promise as soon as possible to treat my mother. If there is something wrong with my mother , I will jump directly from the top floor of Huading Building."

Mother stretched out her hand, but she couldn't reach her no matter what. Amanda was in a hurry, and desperately stretched out her hand for help, while the mother's face was distorted in pain, mourning because of her powerlessness to her daughter.

The victorious girl ran over with her bare feet, kissed the rock man on the forehead, and then ran back dazed. At this moment, although her feet were hurting, her heart was as sweet as honey.

"Shaoyan!" Zidie screamed in horror, took a wrench and slammed it on the back of Shi Danda's head.

Chu Shaoyan poked her forehead like lightning, it was still like fire. Obviously, the woman had a high fever.

Just when Chu Shaoyan started the vehicle and rushed out of the underground parking lot of Huading Building, the phone rang again, and when he picked it up, it was still Hua Zidie, so he picked it up and said, "Zi Die, are you in the school classroom now?" ?”

Hearing what Ka Suo said, Chu Shaoyan handed the radio to Mike.

As the person in charge of the Dongying Ryukyu branch of the Sanlian Association, if a traitor like Chen Wei appeared in the gang, it was as if someone had slapped Chen Wei twice in the mouth! An irresistible shame and shame spread in Xu Dahui's heart! He really wanted to go up and kill Chen Wei, but his rationality made him calm down, so he decided to seek Chu Shaoyan's opinion first. .

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Hu Dong nodded silently, and then sighed deeply: "Actually, my father was not like this in his early years. When I was young, he was still a very honest and upright person. He followed Huading's old man Shangguan to fight the world. , willing to do it. However, with the growth of wealth and power, he changed and became a stranger. He abandoned my mother and me and married another young woman. Unfortunately, that woman later died of illness... " .

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