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【which travel credit card should i get 】 The great warrior of Chaisang Mountain, a member of the cloud class, and Xiangbo, who is Dayi's friend, held his bronze spear and did his part, striding forward and sweeping towards the direction where Di Youshi's voice appeared! 。

This level of harvest is rarely seen even in the Central Plains. It is really very rare. In Danzhu's memory, there seems to be only one time, that is, in the years before he went to Danshui, the year when the emperor traveled to Shoushan , I saw wild old people playing, flying earth and rocks to try it out, and even heard the song "Strike Rang".

Ruo Shou's little face was a little dirty, and he washed his hands in a clay pot.

Dayi sighed: "This Hong family really would rather hurt themselves than make the other party feel better. My old friend often said that there are some people in the world who hurt others and benefit themselves. That's probably what it means."

As the number one land master, number one chess master, and number one ship master in the mountains and seas, Danzhu has his own pride, but although these sound like powerful titles, they are useless for entering the central political center. ....

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Obscurity and light, the world is divided into two parts.
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"Ah, I'm rude!"
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"The Chikata Clan... such a tribe has been defeated..."
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Danzhu: "...No, why should I say that...?"
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The howling of the wind, the howling of the rain, the anger of the mountains!
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In short, the turning out of the fan chariot has attracted many people, even Dayi and Uncle Xi have gone to see it, and they are very shocked, because the appearance of this kind of equipment is completely like something out of nothing!
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However, what made them more nervous was Lu's arrival.
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