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Terrible visions manifested in the ancient restricted area, staring at the Immortal Universe!

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The so-called fame that moves the world is probably nothing more than that.

The fairy king who was suppressed by the ancient fairy Yuxu is basically known to everyone in the whole fairy world.

"According to our previous deduction, the Great Black Hand Immortal King is not the Immortal King, but someone else. Now that Brother An Ran is going to Saifang Xianzhou, even the Master of Yuanshen Pavilion has gone. Could it be that... "

With her attainments in the way of space, raiding across the air and locking the space, not to mention ordinary supernatural powers and magic weapons, even the fairy king-level space magic weapons are difficult to exert much effect!

Seeing that An Ran didn't speak for a long time, Zu Chuan couldn't sit still anymore, and couldn't help but reminded in a low voice: "That mysterious strong man has obviously set his sights on us, if he is in Saifang Immortal State, I'm afraid it won't be long It will come to your door!"

But when he felt the strangeness of the Taishi runes, he actually came up with a bold idea: "The Daotai Daotai is already the platform of the Dao, so why bother to go further and go further, and cultivate to the next level?"

Senluo Immortal King is the Immortal King who commands this Immortal State, and is quite a rare Demon Immortal, who is unrivaled in the world in the way of Demon.

"He's just a pewter tip, and he's long since unable to deliver a second blow!"

From the perspective of his primordial spirit, the tentacles covered the sky and the sun, causing his dao flowers to fall and his dao fruit to crack. Even on the dao palace, cracks appeared one after another.

At this moment, a gentle voice came from behind. .

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"This coffin and this person... shouldn't they be in Xianqin?" .

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