qualifying for student loan
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【student loan documentary 】 That is the supernatural power developed by Tiandaoyuan, which can bypass the immortal light of Wangxiantai and directly kill the monk's sword of subjugation. 。

"Ling Zhuohai's sword is called Ti Jie, and Ti Jie kills people, but my sword breaks his Jie, so I named it Kai Jie."

"Why is it you again, is there a bug in Wangxiantai's rules?!"

"Okay, I'm going to continue practicing swords. Brother's strength is very strong, definitely not only at the sixth level of Qi training, I can't always be his dragging bottle."

A look of surprise flashed in An Ran's eyes.

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"My generation of sword cultivators, why do you hesitate to fight?"
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"As long as the Four Great Sacred Lands do not fall for a day, it will be difficult for us to cross the sky. But this time, the Four Great Sacred Lands will surely fall, and it will become history from then on!"
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"Then the exclusive right to publicity, I'll leave it to this junior sister."
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Including Lingjieyu, the four young disciples who had just started looked around curiously: "I heard that there are very powerful immortal cultivators in Tianmen Town. Is it possible for us to pay a visit?"
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The glazed mirror was shining with a faint light, and when it shone on An Ran, two ancient and clumsy characters emerged:
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[If I'm not mistaken, these monsters were not conceived naturally, but after the fall of a certain powerful person, the spirituality in his flesh and blood was immortal, and finally turned into the monsters you saw. 】
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