how long to get a personal loan approved
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【how to pay off a simple interest loan faster 】 Hearing Ye Tianhe's laughter, Zhang Haohai seemed to understand something, and couldn't help asking: "Brother, how is the situation at Sanlian headquarters? Do you need my help?" 。

The fiery kiss aroused the passion of the rock man, and he kept stroking the woman with his hands until he touched her pair of proud and plump snow peaks.

Zi Die was so angry that her eyes widened, she glared at him, turned her head and said: "Hehe, it seems that you are quite good at talking about things. I won't go back. It's hot in the room, and I want to enjoy the cool. "

"It's nothing to do with work. By the way, Xiao Shu, what's so big that Secretary Wang has a meeting in the middle of the night?"

Chu Shaoyan said: "I have to answer this answer in the afternoon."

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He laughed heartily, with a candid expression, and there was no embarrassment when he mentioned this.
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After Fatty An changed his clothes and came out, Chu Shaoyan explained the special task that Mayor Xiao Zhengnan had given him just now, and said seriously: "This is an opportunity, an opportunity to completely eradicate Hong Lianshe. The local snake society Hong Lian Once the society is eradicated, the demise of the 'Royal No. 2' and the Tong family will not be far away. As long as we seize this opportunity, we will get the Tong family, the 'Royal No. If there is no evidence, then even if some people want to protect it, there is nothing they can do!"
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Luo Qingquan was startled and nodded repeatedly.
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Han Xiang was muttering strangely, the rock man suddenly changed his face, he stopped the car, then leaned over and opened the door beside Han Xiang like lightning, snapped off the safety belt on her body, and rushed out like a rocket with her in his arms !
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"Secretary Luo, hello, it's been a long time!" Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly and held Luo Qingquan's hand.
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"That's it... I will leave Jiangcheng alone and go to England or the United States by myself to fulfill you and your mother... If that's the case, I should call you Dad in the future..." Liang Youshuang smiled shyly, his eyes filled with tears.
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At this time, Chu Shaoyan's consciousness was very vague. He cast his eyes on Ye Tianhe, which was completely instinctive. Looking at the white ceiling and smelling the pungent potion, Chu Shaoyan couldn't help recalling the three days in his mind. After about a few seconds, his eyes gradually cleared up, and his consciousness became much clearer.
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At this time, Chu Shaoyan had already clearly noticed that his body was very exhausted, and his brain was also a little itchy due to excessive bleeding on his arm. Now his body's center of gravity was a little unstable, he gritted his teeth and endured the pain in his arm to meet him again!
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