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【online loan lenders no faxing 】 "Town area envoy, what should Su Ran do?" Changkong devil asked. 。

Ouyang Qi was shocked after hearing this: "Then Ji Yang is willing to recognize you as the master?"

This Gu Su Ran does not intend to stay.

In the sky, the wind is raging, and the sky and the earth change color!

Yue Nuer walked into the secret room again, and said casually: "That Ouyang Qi who just became a fairy is not my opponent, but don't you need to guard against him?

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Bei Gongchu stared at Su Ran: "You still want to fight?"
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Once he wins the battle against the second son, he will get another secret method of combining Gu. His current cultivation base is the middle stage of the new moon of Qianyue. Two domain Gu can reach the full new moon. close at hand.
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"You killed Changqingzi, Niuran, Huangxu, Chaoyun and Libei, you really look down on Beigonghoufu!" Wu Gongfeng said ferociously.
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The power that Qishengqin can exert depends on the piano itself and the player.
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Normally, with enough healing Gu suppressed, the wound on the left shoulder can last at most half a year.
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After thinking about everything, everything began to suddenly become clear.
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Under the Demon Envoy is the Demon Servant, and the entire Demon Heart Sect has only a hundred or so members.
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Ouyang Qi has Dou Zhuan Xing Gu, many people know, so Bei Gonghen's escape is also predictable.
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