initial interest free loan
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【how do you pick interest free finanacing for sewing and more credit card? 】 [It's Dao Jin Yulian, not Jin Yu. In terms of preciousness, it is even more expensive than Tushita Shenhuo! 】 。

That sword light is impressively composed of many auras, and each aura is a smaller sword energy, with infinite agility, jumping hundreds of feet in the sky just like that!

An Ran thought for a while, then wrote a report with a waist card and submitted it, hoping that the Zongmen could investigate the issue of Sword Immortal Wine.

"Speaking of which, the joint competition should start today. Fortunately, the old man had the foresight to register the qualifications for that kid in advance. Otherwise, he really wouldn't be able to return to Jianzong at this time... Well, what is this?"

Damn, it turns out that we are also the ones who have comprehended the sword intent!

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An Ran focused her attention on the reward of the fourth option, and then a crooked introduction emerged.
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——Excuse me, can anyone help him find where the reset button is?
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This magic circle is really huge and precise, and it is in a state of concealment. If you look carefully, you can find that it is made up of more magic circles, one layer is nested, and there are countless magic circles in between. The runes circulate, and each rune contains different powers!
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"You...damn it!" Sister Hong scolded through gritted teeth.
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"Hey, my city lord has never had a time to worry! Now there is a group of blood meteor monsters, I'm afraid I have to take action to exterminate them myself."
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The girl's pretty face and quiet demeanor naturally attracted the attention of many people.
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Of course, there is another reason: monks in the alchemy realm generally already have a small fortune, and even if there is a sword collision accident, they can afford to pay for it...
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