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【20 000 small business loan 】 Practicing the green vision has brought Will a lot of fun that he never had before. His rapid progress is also largely related to the new life experience brought by the green vision. 。

"Go and see if Maester Luwin is here? He's probably in the Maester's Tower at this time." Eddard Stark quickly ordered Jory.

The main demon roared angrily and turned into a 100-meter giant.

Running to the middle of the cave, strange things started to appear in front of them. The arms of some undead protruded from the pearl, emerald and ruby, and the white bone blade slashed and stabbed, blocking the passage.

"Where did the thunder come from!"

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"Before I put on this black suit, I spent a long time hanging around in various places. I have indeed seen many strange people and seen many strange things. Many things cannot be explained, and even wizards may not know the answer. There is a proverb It is said that the truth seen by the eyes of the aliens is sometimes not the truth."
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The four-pointed star is called the Hidden Life Beacon. It is used for tracking and can sense the power fluctuations of the tracked. It was made by Gu himself, added a touch of wind power, and hit the ghost quietly.
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Su Ran left a flame heart in Yue Nuer's crescent imprint, which stored a large amount of extreme domain power. Su Ran couldn't control those extreme domain powers, and could only detonate them according to the pre-set method.
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The two scouts were both surprised and happy, but also worried that it was an enemy's trick.
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When the hammer fell, it was blown crooked by the wind of destruction, and landed on the land. The Luyang Continent collapsed directly, and the lives were devastated.
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Downstairs, Jon didn't hug Will or shake hands, he just stood quietly with friendly eyes. In just two or three days, the friendship and kindness Will gave him surpassed those who have been here for more than ten years.
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By the time Harris resisted the hound's volley and drew out his dagger to end the hound's life, the king was already angry. It's just that Harris, who was in anger and hatred, didn't hear the king's second order. The standing king was tall and mighty, with beard and hair like a halberd, and shouted in a deep voice: "Seven hells, do you all take the king's order as bullshit? I'm going to behead you all, stop them all!"
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The Moon Lord didn't stay. With Su Ran here, she didn't need to stay. She immediately led the Demon Moon Envoy and others to leave, and began to deploy the attack on the four lords.
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