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【how to find your student loan lender 】 Shangxian Ming Hao blushed, and Qiu Ying left under Su Ran's threatening words, because she didn't trust him. 。

Then there is a vast domain power, which bursts out from his body.

As for the total amount of domain power, it definitely surpassed the five-turn Deceitful Yang.

Stepping on the sky wind Gu, one from the Red Lotus Immortal Palace, and one from the Immortal Chaozu's enshrined white hair...

It's still a rain needle!

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Dongchuanhou and Gu Beihan were the targets chosen by Su Ran.
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"However, there is still a gap in the seven and a half steps of detachment!"
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When the saint reported the location of Su Ran's main body to me, Su Ran also knew it immediately and transferred it. This time, Su Ran's clone was still caught. "
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Only after beheading King Yuyi himself and collecting the remains of the Flower Demon can he gain the true approval of other Demon Envoys and unlock the core secret of the Demon Heart Sect.
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Moreover, I heard that the treasure that Suhou snatched was not actually wanted by Red Lotus Immortal Palace, but by King Yuyi, and that Red Lotus Immortal Palace disciple was also sent by King Yuyi. "
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"It is rumored that two Yuandi Dragon Gu are sealed under the imperial city to suppress the mountains and rivers. Only when the contemporary emperor falls, the Yuandi Dragon Gu will be released! The Yuandi Dragon Gu is released, Emperor Yuzhong, this is, Fallen!"
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"Ada!" Amidst the laughter, Yue Nu'er suddenly made a deep voice.
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Moreover, although Su Ran is the leader of a leader, this person has nothing to worry about. Even his hometown, Zhongyu Continent, is a land that is about to be destroyed. Attacking Su City will not affect Su Ran. "Yuyi King sighed.
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