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Patriarch Heikui sighed: "Unfortunately, this is also a good opportunity for us, but because Su Ran is able to resist the fog worm, he is probably still hiding on the novice sea, the new sea It has already been occupied by a ninth-rank Gu master, so it is difficult for us to go there..." .

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Sheng Feixian also mentioned that his setting will be effective within two hundred years. If it is longer, the nine Gu worms will be completely wild, full of attack power, and unrestrained. ...

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Sky fans and Lin Haiyou stood far away, casting a glance at Su Ran from time to time.

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In Qu Jinghong's eyes, only old man Xi was in his eyes, other people were like air, and of course Su Ran was also air...

"Can I eat fruit contaminated by black traces?"

cough cough...

Perhaps, the domineering area can cause damage to Gu worms.

However, he no longer dared to make big strides forward, and only slowly probed down. The further down he went, the thicker the mist became, and the more corrosive it became, black spots were already all over his body.

Could it be...

Su Ran kept picking the fruit until her body fell into the cracked abyss, but the movement of picking the fruit still didn't stop.

——The eighth-grade Gu picked the enlightenment fruit, which triggered a battle between the lava man and the red black man.

"Yes, the Rain Covering Needle!"

The red and black people are also not friendly to Su Ran, they will still attack Su Ran, but they have no urge to chase and kill Su Ran alone. .

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Su Ran would not waste healing skills on Gu worms, even if they were treated, they would not be able to cure them. .

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