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While talking, Baidi couldn't continue. .

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As a result, before he had time to go to Kunji Immortal State, the two Immortal Kings appeared one after another and directly surrounded him! ...

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As the wind and cloud surged, bunches of terrifying thunder light condensed out, split the wind and cloud, and fell towards the most extreme peak of the land of opening the sky.

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"The sky is cloudy and the sky is cloudy, the sky and the earth are cloudy, and everything returns to the dark..."

Thinking of this, An Ran's eyes slightly bent, and he grinned and said: "When you are in the most difficult time, fellow Taoists can encourage your heart and give you the motivation to live strong, and if you are alone, then the only thing you can rely on is yourself .”

The warm smile made Gu Ming involuntarily relax.

"Turn around." An Ran smiled.

Deducing the rudimentary form of the Innate Wutai Rune, even if it is only a rudimentary form of the rudimentary form, if you really want to perfect it, you will have to know how many long years, that is already a great achievement.

"It's really broken...those are pieces..."

"Then from now on, I declare..."

Under normal circumstances, even if a fairy king injected mana into the altar, it would be impossible to activate the altar, let alone directly breed a new Baidi.

Nan Guo Laodao didn't know who created this secret technique, let alone who came up with this damn name.

There is also a young scholar in white, standing at the table in the backyard, waving a folding fan in one hand and a book in the other, reciting under the moonlight, with a relaxed expression. .

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He folded his arms around his chest, staring up and down, unscrupulously staring at the white-haired girl: "Miss Ling, are you dissatisfied with my...?" .

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