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Another fairy king of the same age, transformed into a figure with divine consciousness, rubbed his sleeves and reminded him in a low voice: "Yuxu, the demon god Bo Xun is not human..." ... envoy mortgage lawsuit

test. how do you get a second mortgage The Xiantian Wutai Altar is the cornerstone for the universe to take root in the sea of chaos! ….

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"Oh? What is so mysterious?" .

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"Then here comes the problem, when such a Taoist Holy Land is destroyed..." ...

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This result made them somewhat relieved, but at the same time raised a little tension.

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Bai Yueyao frowned slightly, and then said softly: "If you increase the Golden Palace's efforts, it's not impossible to isolate this force, but I'm a little worried..."

A few spiritual senses were secretly fluctuating, and they transmitted voices to those ancient immortals: "The goddess should be the wife of Immortal King Gu Tuo, but there was turmoil in Serbia a few days ago, and more than one strong man from the restricted area came..."

"I don't know how to refine Yuanshen Pavilion's Myriad Worlds General Knowledge Catalogue, so that it can span an incomparably long distance, even ignoring the obstacles of the two worlds, and link each member together?"

After all, too long years have passed, and being able to arouse some remnant spirits is already an earth-shattering supernatural power. It is almost impossible to have a clear and complete communication!

Zu Chuan shook his head with a dark face, and whispered word by word.

At the moment when the atmosphere was tense, a peaceful laughter suddenly came into their ears.

An Ran thought about it carefully for a long time, and finally recalled it vaguely...

Immediately, the aura of the crowd gradually faded away, and they were standing there, but it seemed as if they didn't exist, and they couldn't be perceived by anyone.

Almost at the same time as his words fell, a terrifying throbbing suddenly came from afar.

It can be said that many members of the Yuanshen Pavilion, but those who have no major affairs at hand, are almost all mobilized to join this unprecedented deduction! .

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An endless enemy! .

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