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【personal loan to business interest rate 】 Everyone was amazed! 。

The soldiers on the side looked dumbfounded.

The stone mill was dragged into motion by the little iron ox, and the white, never-before-seen soybean milk was left from it and fell into the earthen jar.

The first sentence: You are very good, you are in great shape, and you have a bright future, why don't you be my lackey.

It is obviously a small land, but it is called "Shuo", not only because of the huge rock hill, but also because the "Shuo soil" that Yan Zai said should be the entire land in the south!

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That is "recommended".
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Yan Zai and Yan Liang also came to the edge of the cultivated land, looking at the already heavy grains, Yan Zai also smiled.
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Opening roads across mountains, building bridges when encountering water, filling low-lying places, and shoveling high-lying places, there is nothing that human hands cannot do. Since Ganpan chose to start again, he must use the greatest enthusiasm to embrace the new life!
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The God of Shandu came out of the muddy water and used his tall body to forcibly fight against the mountain torrents. However, the huge water flow seemed to be bestowed by God, with an endless stream, and the huge sand and sand engulfed in it made people unable to move!
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Life corrupts the beast.
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"The end of theology is science, no, it's the other way around! My coo..."
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He started to drink, gulp!
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Until Yan Zai pulled out the brass axe, held it in his hand, and stood in front of it!
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