marcus business loan
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【how to build a portfolio for a comic business loan 】 Xiao Yong's strength is the weakest among the several village owners, not comparable to his father. 。

He gets it.

Ordinary chrysalis with three secret stones is still cheap, but the price of rare chrysalis ranges from ten secret stones to fifty secret stones.

"Uncle Li still has a Gu worm, I don't know what kind of Gu worm it is, if I ask Uncle Li for..."

He didn't mention Zhang An and Wei Tie's question the whole time.

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Qian Buer seemed to know that Su Ran would respond like this, and said with a smile: "Brother Su is very powerful, he is considered to be the top among first-grade Gu masters. Although my business is not big, I still make a lot of money. If you are interested in doing business together, let me know." Just like Brother Feng, Brother Feng is a partner with me. Raising Gu insects is not easy, without huge financial support, a Gu master, even a Gu master with purple blood and fire, will be very difficult to upgrade in the future .”
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Li Jiang's voice suddenly came from outside the house.
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Otherwise, if he wanted to kill someone, he would have already turned on the extreme heat.
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"It's such a worldly thing!" Su Ran sighed, "Just let me come to this world, and didn't give me a golden finger. I was only reborn for three days. If I die like this, I'm too unwilling."
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With a light leap, the black shadow landed directly in Su Ran's courtyard without making any sound.
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It's possible to hurt someone.
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However, in the third year after the boy was born, when the woman tested the boy's qualifications as a Gu master, she found that the child did not have the qualifications of a Gu master.
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At this moment, there were a lot of footsteps outside Xiao Yong's door.
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