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"You... ah! Damn—" ... what are the 3 numbers on the back of a credit card called

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The object can be a person, or an object, a cloud of aura, or a powerful god or demon. .

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He nodded without much hesitation. ...

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At the same time, An Ran couldn't help grunting.

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【Host give up reward】

"What are you talking about? We've been together all this time. If you've seen it, maybe I haven't?"

Wouldn't that be the same as pointing at the face of the old man Liu Jixian and shouting:

So what's your real name anyway?

He could see very clearly that Li Chong, the immortal who never sees the end of the dragon, crossed the border because of his parents and children's troubles. As a result, the mysterious immortal who was summoned by An Ran was frightened back alive after meeting him. Wonderland!

Having said that, his heart is still heavy: "So many fairy swords have fallen into the lower realm, and the fairy swords have spirits, and even the real immortals on the land may not be able to subdue them. In this way, even if there is no newcomer to take action, I am afraid it will cause a chaos..."

"And it is an extremely powerful existence among the fire dragons. Even if it is not a Xuanxian, it is definitely the top golden immortal!"

Since he accepted the sacrificial offering from the Grassland Royal Court, he has only recovered a tiny bit.

It was as if giving birth to Wang Zhengchu and raising An Ran's cultivation level by one level, there would not be a single drop left of the broken and established system.

Wang Zhengchu didn't dare to be negligent, and quickly cupped his fists and said, "It's easy to say, everything is easy to say." .

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Liu Yanzhou: "..." .

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