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【how to get 20k loan 】 Looking at An Ran's body of treasures, and the operation of killing Immortal King Gutuo at every turn, the old Taoist couldn't help but wonder... I'm afraid it's really possible! 。

That breath is quite weak, and even the Immortal King will ignore it if it is a little careless.

"Although the Land of Opening Heaven is huge, this Primordial Water Secret Realm is not considered remote. Why has no one entered it for so many days?"

"Eternal and lasting..."

"I didn't find the answer at first, but my junior brother is really a heavenly man. Since he warned me like this, there must be his deep meaning, so I continued to think about the key points, and finally came to a conclusion."

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"We clearly looked at the copper coffin that buried the sky... and swallowed the three great immortal kings..."
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Is it that simple to ascend to the Immortal World? !
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Breaking free from An Ran's clutches, Pudding clasped his hands in front of his chest, and said proudly, "This is what Taoyao taught me! How about it, isn't Pudding very feminine?"
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After receiving the subpoena, Ye Yuan fell into silence.
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The only feeling in their hearts is...
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As long as we wiped out all the enemies and killed him seven in and seven out, there was no need to worry about defense?
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"After all, the major immortal states have never been monolithic. It only takes a small fuse to trigger a monstrous war."
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Before An Ran's naming ability was distorted by spiritual interpretation, his last talent was spelling.
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