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【mass energy interest free loan 】 At this moment, Jiang Li received a call from Lao Hua. 。

How terrifying must the owner of this head be?

Ivanov went into the mine and worked for a year, cursing continuously: "Damn Jiang Li, you actually asked me to wait for me..."

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned...

Jiang Li rolled his eyes, if he believed this, then he would be a pig!

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However...the crack came too fast, the moon just turned sideways, and the crack cut through.
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With a loud noise, people saw that the ground within a few miles was directly blasted into the sky!
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Blood spurted wildly, Dong Jianhang opened his mouth wide, but the sound was stuck in his throat abruptly, and the shout was also very low.
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But Jiang Li didn't have so many scruples, he was holding back a while ago because he was too lazy to cause trouble, but now he is angry, so naturally he is no longer polite!
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Pan Yan suddenly smiled: "That's right, we are not friends. Back then, you bullied me a lot... I still remember when you took someone to cut my long hair into a bald head. It was you who cut my hair into a bald head. The schoolbag that my mother bought for me in a frugal manner was thrown into the river... or you beat me from the back of the classroom to the front of the classroom with a pointer... right? I remember correctly, right?"
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After staying for another day, Jiang Li finally decided to leave the mountain.
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Then Twelve and Zero burned all the blood in their bodies, pushing their strength to the peak. After breaking through a punch with all their strength, they were instantly swallowed up by the punches that followed one after another. The two of them were turned into scum abruptly!
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After Daha listened to it, he became even more restless.
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