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【how long should i wait to pay off my credit card 】 As soon as Chu Shaoyan's words came out, everyone was shocked! Surprised by Chu Shaoyan's confidence and arrogance! When Chu Shaoyan said that three days later it would be the day for the Guam Gang to repay the debts, everyone present could clearly feel the strong confidence and aura in him. 。

Niu Geng didn't even blink his eyes, just stared at her stupidly.

"Brother Shaoyan, let me down." At this moment, Ye Ruoxi in her arms suddenly spoke, her voice was very small, with a hint of hoarseness after crying.

After returning to the hotel, Chu Shaoyan quickly figured out the situation of the Takeuchi family, and suddenly realized that the Takeuchi family was a family that owed a lot of blood to Huaxia, and it was a sinful family that still supported the Yasukuni Ghost Club.

"Have you ever been to that island?" Chu Shaoyan asked after thinking about it.

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With that said, Chu Shaoyan got into the car, started it quickly, and galloped away. On the way, he contacted An Linshan, Shi Hongzhi, and Wang Shijie who stayed at the manor, notifying Hao Shengwen of the mutiny, and asked them to guard the three places carefully, and call immediately if there was any trouble.
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After entering April, the weather gradually became hotter. At this time, the clothes of the women in Shangguan Manor were gradually thinner and more glamorous. They are all people of status, and they dress dignifiedly when they go out. They dress up as Officeladies, and they wear beautiful tight-fitting small suits, uniform skirts, suits, etc., looking elegant, beautiful, and radiant. However, once they returned to the villa, the women's attire immediately began to change and become deceptive.
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For some reason, his intuition told Chu Shaoyan that the woman in front of him carried a dangerous aura. But if you look carefully, there is no murderous look on this woman, the more beautiful the rose, the easier it is to thorn. Seeing the woman gradually approaching, Chu Shaoyan suddenly felt that this woman was a dangerous person.
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Chu Shaoyan continued: "Respecting the old and loving the young is the foundation of human beings. After respecting the old, we can start with loving the young. Everyone has children and grandchildren. If Secretary Wang treats children well, he will definitely win the support of the people. For example: taking advantage of this This year's exhibition has the opportunity to establish a school bus system, establish a system of free meals for children at school, etc. I think this will definitely have an immediate effect, which will greatly increase the exposure of my brother in the national media!"
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However, what happened next was somewhat uncontrollable, and it also involved three women who came to Dongying on a business trip.
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Although Ye Ruoxi didn't know who the enemy Chu Shaoyan mentioned was. But hearing Chu Shaoyan say so seriously, he knew that the matter had become very serious, so he didn't ask any more questions, but nodded obediently.
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Zidie tried her best to wipe away her tears and pouted her small mouth: "I just want to deceive your feelings and let you treat my mother and me. In fact, how can I like a philanderer like you? Share it with other women A man, and a large group, isn’t that funny? Who do you think you are? An ancient emperor? One by one, we girls are lucky enough to be grateful for being insulted by you.”
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Fortunately, the horse farm in Zhang Haohai's manor was just built, and the area was not large. Chu Shaoyan rode his horse for a while and rushed to the end.
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