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Qian Shan felt a little relieved. Since there is such a long shelf life, he can sell it with confidence. ... business owners self employed difficult to get qualifoed for mortgage loan

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taking loan or using credit card for large purchase - what is the typical small business loan terms ."Why not? It is absolutely necessary to protect such a precious thing!" Zhao Feifei quietly winked at Qian Shan. |.

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Zhao Feifei nodded immediately: "Of course I remember, you said he was rescued by the big spider robot." .

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Qian Shan nodded irrefutably, "I think so too." ...

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"Haha, good! Then I won't keep you anymore. Let me know when you want to watch the game, and I will take you out with me when the time comes." Cheng Fighting said with a smile.

No matter how much Qian Shan could bear it, that was enough for now. The people around him saw it, the cameras around him saw it, and the recording pens were in stock, so there was no need to keep swallowing his anger now.

"Okay, then I'll go over and have a look, and make some business cards." Qian Shan responded without writing by hand, turned around and walked outside.

"That's right." Cheng Fighting understood, "However, the medicated bath is still not easy to realize. Even if the special medicine on the market is many times more cost-effective, the price of a medicated bath is not affordable for ordinary people."

"Here!" Su Yushan did not know when she took the agreement over, and when Chen Kaifeng agreed, she immediately handed the agreement to Qian Shan with a smile.

Su Yushan shook her head.

Qian Shan glanced at her, and said with a smile: "I'm afraid you won't believe me, but you guessed right, the prescription was really found in that strange dream." .

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