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"The heavy rain in the south is still so fierce. I haven't felt the water vapor here for many years. Now the changes in the south make me a little unbelievable. I can foresee a very good future development..."

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Yan Zai walked down from the fortress. On the huge stone steps, Wen Ming chased after him, and followed Yan Zai to the entrance of the fortress below.

Yijun volunteered and went down to the mine to carry out excavation work. The strange smell made him feel a little uncomfortable.

"This mountain is called 'Zhengaodi'... I am a wizard from the Feng Rong clan here... Shijing."

And Huandou said: "The so-called bad policy is the one that takes the least time and has the fastest results? Since it is such a good way, how can it be said to be a bad policy?"

big man came here with a wooden plank and strange tools. He was invited to come, but the Lord of the Fire Nation warmly received him and gave him an order for a large project.

"Meng (Fou)! Willing to go with the witch!"

Yu Zai then struck with an ax again, and the dragon was blown back, screaming in pain again.

Someone came to report that this was an important reason why Emperor let the emperor prepare to go back. The flood is coming, it is not a trivial matter.

The soil turns back to its house, the water returns to its gully, insects do not grow, and the vegetation returns to its lake!

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