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He thought it over, the domain power attached to the body itself will not increase for a few months, he does not have so much capital to improve himself in an all-round way, and the Gu essence obtained in the future will be used exclusively for Emperor Origin Gu, and the domain essence obtained will be given to the phantom. Immortal Gu is used, if the essence of Gu and the essence of domain are sufficient, some can also be given to the power of true poison. ... how to get a student loan that would not be disbursed and one lump sum

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The heart that had been silent for a long time finally resumed beating. .

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Shangxian also had a heart, and being ridiculed by Su Ran, he couldn't help shouting: "Disciple of Red Lotus Immortal Palace, Qiu Yun!" ...

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The biggest difference between the Demon Envoy and Su Ran is that Su Ran has nine crescent moon marks, while the Demon Envoy only has one.

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"The back road, the back road." Before absorbing the essence of Gu, Su Ran began to mutter again.

The Seventh Prince lives in another courtyard.

"Well, it must be done as soon as possible. Yu Hongyi may bring people there at any time."

Far away from Yuyi King City, Su Ran ran wildly all the way.

Ageless Spring Gu is a very special Immortal Gu, its body is very large, it can be said that it is the Immortal Gu with the largest body among all Immortal Gus.

Therefore, Caimei Shangxian was killed by Su Ran, and Honglian Xiangong could only turn a blind eye.

It can be said that the Heaven Stepping Wind Gu is the strange Gu with the strongest life-saving ability.

Because Sifang Zeyuan is connected to the Weihai Sea, the Bulao Mountain Group is naturally located on the edge of Xianyu Continent, far away from Yuyi King's Territory.

Thirty slaves from Jiyang scattered out.

Thinking about it, Su Ran used a lot of Gu essence to increase the power of true poison, and Su Ran felt a little pained. .

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With the current invincible domain power against a powerful Rank 8 Gu Immortal, he still can't be an instant enemy. .

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