which is best home loan
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【what is an indirect auto loan 】 "How did Su Gongfeng recover just now?" The Patriarch Heishan was still a little surprised, and asked. 。

Su Ran shook her head slightly.

But even with a bull's beard in this state, ordinary Gu masters can't kill him.

Su Ran's sudden coma shocked Fei Immortal Gu.

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As for the remaining eight months, Su Ran suspected that he would have another eight crescent marks.
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Every time the cultivation level is upgraded, there will be one more natal Gu.
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It has to be said that these words are very threatening.
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"Haha," You Qu chuckled, "It's simple. Once the agreement is reached, Beigong Ling will naturally belong to King Yuyi's power. When Yuyi Wang sends a letter, Qian Shanling will never dare to mess around."
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Viscera: Jiuyuan Mizang (8).
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This is the dominance of the Flying Immortal Gu!
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"If I were a demon envoy, you wouldn't need to be so happy, right?" Su Ran asked strangely.
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The only disadvantage compared to Qian Shanhou is the total amount of domain power.
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