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test. what does tax credit mean for apartments Su Ran knew that King Yuyi saw through his reality, changed his identity, and did not hide it. The distance between the main body of the wind and the body of Shafeng was kept at the limit position. The battle turns and the stars move together, and escape at the speed of light. ….

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The Seventh Prince looked at the two armored men beside him, and immediately said jokingly: "Haha, you are interesting, you are telling the truth." .

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Although Su Ran is a Thousand Demons, it is impossible for other Demon Envoys to help him collect resources and grow rapidly. ...

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One is fire-type domain Gu, and the other is thunder-type domain Gu.

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The strength of the power of true poison is 21.5, and the strength of the invincible domain is 16.0. Combining the strength of the invincible domain, the combined strength is only 37.5.

Flying Immortal Gu is indifferent...

After two months of training, the rain-covering needle is now proficient, and it can consume ten percent of the body's domain power in one stroke.

Someone assassinated Little Moon Lord?

Sometime after leaving the city, Qian Bu Mie suddenly transformed into Qian Qian Shan.

"But since Su Ran is going to leave sooner or later, now that Qian Shanling's immediate problem is resolved, and King Yuyi has the Seventh Prince to stand in his way, why should I bear him?"

Then, several phantoms flashed out from Beigonghou's mansion, chasing Qu Jinghong away.

The few of us are going to make a big plan to kill King Yu Yi, one of the six kings.

The eldest son sped up his speech a little: "Knowing that the priest of Su has a special liking for the secret method of He Gu, I specially arranged a secret method of He Gu, and handed it over to Su!"

Su Ran said: "You are Huang Gongfeng, Yufei is just a six-rank, how is it worth your life, Yuyi King is dead, and now Yufei has the ability to protect himself, you should retreat quickly." .

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Bei Gonghen paused, and immediately begged for mercy: "Yes, yes, I was the one who felt sorry for Su Gongfeng. I was wrong. I was obsessed with money and wronged Su Gongfeng. Su Gongfeng let me go..." .

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