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There are thousands of miles of fertile soil, stone houses, and the atmosphere of the people. The canals pass through the fields, and the water vapor and clouds are intertwined, boiling and turning, and people pushing carts come here from all directions! ...

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But Dayi kept one hand, and what he kept was the method of holding an arrow in his mouth.

"For this thing, choose the bank of a turbulent river, set up a wooden frame, erect a rotating shaft on the wooden frame, install a large horizontal wheel at the upper and lower ends, and install leaf plates around the wheel shaft of the lower water wheel to withstand the impact of the water flow. You can turn water power into power..."

But Yan Zai is not afraid at all!

The teacher was very happy to ask questions from the courseware, and Yan Zai answered without hesitation: "This is the weathering phenomenon and the effect of transportation."

It turns out that this young man who is very good at archery is Pang Meng's apprentice...

"If it's just a simple way to open a mountain, you can do it yourself. It's not a secret method. Everyone in the world knows it!"

Ya also bid farewell to Gutong's people and left Biyi's wilderness. He headed north all the way, intending to go to Shiki Asahara.

So it makes sense to throw Googoo stupid.

Cuckoo said that the chicken farm also needs to recruit people...since the slippers went away...

Danzhu threw the old general Hei at Chisongzi! .

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Everyone came to Zhushan. There are no tourist attractions in Zhushan. This mountain is on the bank of Wenshui. This Wenshui is not Wenchuan. There are no flowers, plants and trees on Zhushan, but there are many Yao jade and jasper. Water, there are many purple snails in the water like Daze, and the mountain god is a god with a human body and a dragon head. .

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