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"Huh? Is it difficult for a fourth-rank moon hunter to get close to the violent ape?" ... current mortgage

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Said to concentrate on watching the game, but it does feel better to watch the game with my boyfriend. .

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His ears turned red for no reason, and he criticized Deng Chang ferociously: "Watch the game and watch the game, don't just think about love/love!" ...

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"Xiao Xi, can you tell me what's going on with you and Xiao Chang?"

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Seeing the blood in the fire mirror, Su Ran breathed a sigh of relief.

Wang Fushan looked at Doutai from a distance, and frowned slightly: "This Su Ran is very strange."

Qian Buer and the other three went straight out of Ouyang Qi's mansion.

It may change from a myth to an ordinary at once.

Red eyes, berserk!

"It's really clever, just like I thought."

Su Ran doesn't believe Qian Buer's theory that Ouyang Qi seeks revenge.

The six village owners have all become Gu masters, and their strengths are not bad. This is because Qian Buer took care of them a little and sent some Gu insects when he first ran the Longshan Bodyguard Company.

The Illusory Immortal Gu seemed to want to lead him through the wall just now!

About Ouyang Qi's news, it was he who had just checked Yu Wan Gu Tower himself. .

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Next, Wang Qinshu gave Su Ran a detailed explanation of the historical origin of Beiyuan City. .

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