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"You're different." Bai Yueyao added with a smile, "You look better than them..." .

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It's just killing people, okay?

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"At the beginning, I just thought this thing was interesting, so I asked Brother Wang to ask for it, but I didn't expect it to come in handy."

Then, they saw a plump and handsome young man with star-like eyes, dressed in white clothes like snow, walking unhurriedly, and the Holy Spirit of the secret realm who easily suppressed them followed with a flattering face. behind the boy.

"You only become immortals at the full level of your system. The level of combat power is too low, isn't it?"

All of those prey were extremely powerful and difficult to digest, none of them were as weak as the prey in front of them.

But at the next moment, his pupils shrank suddenly.

An Ran smiled and looked at the Daoist Master again: "I have to study it carefully, so as not to let this guy go out to make trouble again."

You know, this world is An Ran's lair!

"You still have work to do, so you can't rest yet?"

She nodded vigorously, showing a trace of lingering fear.

To put it simply, although Zhou Gan has a stupid mouth, his memory is not bad. .

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Finally, Taoist Fei Ling patted his chest vigorously, as if he had made up his mind, he turned around again, mustered up his courage, and said to An Ran with all his strength: "Boy An, the old man has a ruthless Please..." .

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