what happens if you don t pay a secured loan
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【bank inspection for mortgage 】 His meridians have actually expanded! 。

But when he saw the tragic death of the female panda's corpse next to him, Duan Yanshan's words of refusal spun a few times, but he couldn't say it in the end.

"My lord, Xuelong is a kind of flying monster..." Duke had obviously gotten used to it for a long time. After he stabilized his body, the carriage shook and stabilized.

After listening to the broadcast, Duan Yanshan agreed without hesitation, then turned to Ye Zuoyou and said, "Others can choose, but we don't seem to have a choice?"

【You don't deserve to stay here! ! ! 】

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"This... thirty or thirty gold coins?" He took the bag tremblingly. The thirty gold coins seemed heavy to his thick arms, heavier than the biggest hammer in the blacksmith's shop.
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More viewers came after hearing the news. After watching the sleeping panda with relish, they turned on the crossover and clicked on Ye Zuoyou's live broadcast room.
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Seeing Zhang Ming and Li Feng running harder and harder, Ye Zuoyou frowned slightly, and began to consider whether to stop and fight altogether.
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Ye Zuoyou reminded: "Don't go there! That's it!"
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So, what is the meaning of this last long cry?
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"Your Excellency Paladin, why are you so flustered?"
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【Panda mother... woo woo woo, I burst into tears again. 】
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