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Wan Zhang was very popular with Mencius, but he also asked Mencius many unorthodox questions. He and Gongsun Chou edited the book "Mencius", but from the language point of view, there are two chapters in "Gongsun Chou" and "Wan Zhang". Among them, it can be seen that Wan Zhang's thinking is actually similar to Zi Si. ... what is a good credit mix

test. what are the benefits of using a credit card Now that we have a plan, and gather together the manpower and tools, the next step is to unite people and move Minshan Mountain! ….

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The two of them were also tired. Looking at the Tianhe, Chong Bo suddenly said: "There is still a way to control the water on the ground. Although it is not successful, we are still working hard...Zhu Rong, you are a man of God, you Knowing that the great river in the sky, if it floods, how will it be cured?" .

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"Big Peng?" ...

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"You mean to say that you actually observe the changes in the sky, so that you can accurately know the seasons and seasons of the sun and the rain?!"

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If you want to say who is the most lazy in the south, it is the great sheep totem.

"I won't make those sacrificial ballads any more. I'm calling everyone here today for one thing, and that's about how the tribal alliance was established."

"So are these ten thousand people fleeing or migrating? Are they in the era of the Three Emperors, or in the present world? Are they living in dilapidated mountains, lush forests, or vast expanses of land? East China Sea?"

Ah, how sweet and luxurious the air is here....

It's like the land of Tao Tang.

"Get to the point!"

Luo Luo thought for a long time, and felt that he might have made a mistake. He touched his stomach, he was a little hungry, and he couldn't help feeling confused.

"After all, Chongbo made the plan thousands of miles away, and I am the same, so our method, you should do it according to local conditions is the best, instead of where Chongbo's paintings are, you must be in that place... ..."

Everyone opened their mouths.

A patriarch stood up and pointed at Yinglong's nose and cursed. .

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And the local clans are actively preparing to fight against the flood! .

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