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【personal loan online approval 】 "What, let me give you a foot massage! You must be tired after standing all day?" Chu Shaoyan held down her kicking foot, feeling a little puzzled. 。

"Oh, it seems that this guy is Ma Hu, a rich man who came to the hospital to harass Tang Yuxin before, and he finally bumped into him today."

How long have you been waiting for this reliable shoulder? Since the death of his father Shangguan Ding, he has struggled to support the overall situation of Huading Group by himself, and sometimes he is really tired. Fortunately, God took pity on me, and sent such a person to my side at a critical moment, which changed my destiny ever since!

Ye Qiu looked at Mahu on the ground indifferently, and said in a neutral voice.

"You fucking treat me as transparent, right?"

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"We were all waiting for you. When we got tired of waiting, they went to sleep." The girl stared at him faintly. "We were all very happy when we received flowers before. Thank you, brother Shaoyan, this is how we grow up. This is our most exciting day ever..."
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After everything was done, he went to visit the room where Hua Yuxuan was placed, then picked up his luggage, picked up the small satellite communication equipment that communicated with the big ship, and walked towards the tail of the cruise ship where the speedboat was placed.
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Nangong Chengyu and Yin Cencen looked at each other and said, "Sister Zetian, the schedule is so tight, we don't have a chance to rest at all!"
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The old man stared at a newspaper on the ground and sneered: "Zhao Dahua, you fucking dare to play me! If Secretary Bai is transferred away in the future, let's see how crazy you are!"
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"God, isn't this the chairman of the TV station? Why was he tortured like this by a bunch of assams?"
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After everything was ready, the girls also prepared the dinner. Nangong Chengyu was the chef, and Shangguan Zetian was the assistant. Ms. Nangong had been trained in a catering school during her study in Australia for several years, and Ms. Shangguan's family has been working hard to study cooking skills recently, trying to present an exquisite dinner for the rock man.
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