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【can a mortgage be transferred after death 】 Because the world is not peaceful, this time the little seven fairies from the former Dong'an Middle School and the British boys Peter and Rocky went to the Dadi Disco, and Chu Shaoyan sent An Linshan, Wang Shijie, Zhang Zhang and other five people to go there. Five burly men in black sunglasses followed behind, and ordinary small fish and shrimps did not dare to act rashly. 。

"Yeah!" Ye Jinlin smiled, grabbed Chu Shaoyan's little hand and moved her slender fingers gently in Chu Shaoyan's palm, "It's twisted! Mom, it's all your fault. My feet seem to be swollen..." Ye Jinlin's voice carried a hint of sobbing, which was vivid.

Ye Jinlin smiled sweetly and patted the girl's little head: "Don't worry, I'm in charge of everything!"

This stone room has a large area, comparable in scale to ancient palaces, and in the center is a rather old but rather solemn big golden chair—obviously, this is what Li Lan said was built by the ancient emperor Long Xingshi. Sitting on the dragon chair over there.

Wang Hong ordered people to keep opening the wine bottles, while he lined up thirty bottles of Wuliangye and placed them in front of everyone. Ye Jinlin frowned, and put her wine bottle in front of Chu Shaoyan.

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Xu Feng lowered his head, then raised his head suddenly after a while and said, "Secretary Wang, I...I am willing to cooperate with you!"
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Thirty minutes later, the policewoman drove Liu Xiyao to the Sakura Medical Club. She has recently broken through the threshold here, so the security guards guarding the gate did not make things difficult for her, allowing her to drive straight in with the girl.
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Just when he was about to agree, suddenly Ye Jinlin's voice came from behind, so Chu Shaoyan had no choice but to introduce them.
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Chu Shaoyan said indifferently: "Have you noticed? At the same time that Bai Zhenghua was promoted to the provincial party committee, several key positions in Jiangcheng's administration have changed. One is that the former standing committee member of the municipal party committee concurrently served as the deputy secretary-general of the municipal party committee and the secretary of the party group of the municipal government. 1. Luo Fangxiong, Director of the General Office of the Municipal Party Committee, was transferred to another place; secondly, the former member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor Dong Jiang Yuping was transferred to another place because of his age; His position is temporarily vacant."
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The delicate Nangong Chengyu sobbed even more: "Sister Yan, you...don't do stupid things, don't leave me! Huali Group needs you!"
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Although the round-faced Han Xiang is one year older than Chu Shaoyan, her appearance is quite tender. If you ignore the tall and bulging twin peaks, many people will believe that she is a middle school student. She asked with a smile. : "Assistant Chu, where did the group assign me?"
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Jiang Zhengfeng couldn't laugh anymore, and took the exam for five minutes with a solemn expression, so he started his robbery in the black corner.
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However, the Jin family is certainly not ready to solve the problem. They came up with unbelievable conditions:
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