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Gu subconsciously opened his hands to check the situation, only to see a fist hitting him head-on! ... what is a first time home buyers loan

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Seeing that Ge Mu was done, Sang Mu said excitedly: "Teacher, are you feeling better?" .

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Ma Dong and the others also became angry, and roared: "Do you know the end of not finishing writing? Let me tell you, if the big devil makes us have a week of physical education, I will definitely take care of you for a week!" ...

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Forcing the old man to lie on the ground and bask in the sun,

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"Warren, what's that?" Duncan asked.

Jiang Li made a small movement, then squatted down and said, "Can you still get up?"


Sure enough, the gods really started to act. After creating a huge amount of public opinion, they finally walked to the front desk from behind, and held a press conference for the world's walkers at the headquarters of the Great Court, and made their voice known to the outside world.

Haizhou City is not a core city in the Eastern Capital, but with the concentration of the population into the city, the population in the big city has also surged to three million!

At the same time, a very burly demigod demon grabbed the spear!

The most frightening thing is that his stories are self-explanatory and have their own theories and time frames. Every time in the debate, he can silence those so-called experts. "

Jiang Li narrowed his eyes and looked at Albert in the sky. To be honest, Jiang Li was also shocked.

If all these speculations are true, then all the pride of human beings in the past few hundred years will become a joke!

When several people heard this, they felt a chill in their hearts, and turned their heads to look at the same time, only to see that there was really a human-shaped black spot in the center of the scorching white light. .

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But in general, there are still more masters in the Eastern Capital, and those who can report are basically natural disaster-level start-ups, top five figures in each region's rankings. .

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