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Educational Use

Content on this site and in the AsMA journal is copyrighted. You may print materials from the AsMA's web site for non-profit, educational purposes only, under the terms and conditions of the definition of "fair use." Proper attribution, including a notice of copyright, must be included on all copies.

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Please note that the journal, Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance (formerly Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine), is registered with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) for academic classroom use. Please submit your request to the Republication Department, CCC, by fax at 978-646-8700, or online: .

Other Uses

If you would like to reproduce, reprint or adapt content from the AsMA Web site or the journal Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance (Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine) for any purposes other than those listed above, you must seek permission from the AsMA. You may do so through the CCC: .



The AsMA has no objection to links from other Web sites to content on AsMA Web sites as long as the following guidelines are followed:

  • AsMA content may not be downloaded to another Web server, displayed or reproduced by any other means in any other format.
  • AsMA content may not be framed, "locked" or "trapped" within any borders, banners or other visual images other than those placed by the AsMA itself.
  • Links should be external ones in that the AsMA's URL is visible in the address window.
  • Plain text should be used to indicate the link. Use of the AsMA's seal or logo is prohibited without written consent from the AsMA.
  • The requester should confirm the link by providing the AsMA with the requester's URL and location of the link to the AsMA content for the AsMA's file tracking purposes.
  • Links should not be presented in such a way that it may, can, or is perceived as a sign of the AsMA's endorsement of any company, product or service.
  • A request should be submitted in writing (via mail, fax, Email). (See information required on all permission requests listed above.)

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