2015 Ramstein Aerospace Medicine Summit - NATO STO Technical Course

2015 Ramstein Aerospace Medicine Summit & NATO STO Technical Course

The theme for this year's event is
Aerospace Medicine at the Extremes!


  • The Annual Ramstein Aerospace Medicine Summit portion of the event will begin on 9 March 2015 at 0815 hours and end on 11 March 2015 at approximately 1130 hours.

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  • The NATO STO Technical Course will begin 11 March 2015 at 1330 hours and end 13 March 2015 at approximately 1200 hours (requires separate registration below)

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(Registration for NATO STO Technical Course is OPEN)

  • These two events will be held sequentially 9-13 March 2015 at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, in the Hercules Theater.


American Medical Association Category 1 Continuing Medical Education credits and Maintenance of Certification for the American Board of Preventive Medicine will be offered.

Administration Fee:  150 USD (Non-itemized flat fee that includes Monday Ice-breaker with heavy hors d'oeuvres, Wednesday dinner, and summit attendance).

Non-Conference Guest (social events without summit attendance):  50 USD per guest (includes only Monday Ice-breaker with heavy hors d'oeuvres and Wednesday dinner), payable upon arrival at the conference center.  If your guest plans to stay on base, please contact Capt Miller at Vivien.Miller@us.af.mil to arrange a base pass.

NOTE:  Administration Fees are used to cover costs, including food items, associated with the event and are not reimbursable for U.S. Department of Defense (military or civilian) personnel.  Reimbursement rules may vary for other partner nation attendees.

Cancelation Policy: Cancelations made by 1 March 2015 will receive a full refund minus credit card transaction fees. Cancelations made after 1 March 2015 will not be refunded.

For On-Base Billeting: Please contact Capt Miller at Vivien.Miller@us.af.mil no later than 15 February 2015.



This year’s theme is focused on building partnerships and sharing advancements in Aerospace Medicine.  This is the largest conference for this audience outside the USA.  Last year, there were 170 attendees from 16 different countries.
This is the 30th year that this conference and technical course have provided excellent opportunities to exchange information and establish stronger working relationships with colleagues from many nations.
The objective of this event is to present state-of-the-art knowledge and practices from a group of expert lecturers to an audience of international Aerospace Medicine and Human Systems Integration specialists.
Risks and advantages of various approaches will be compared, with the aim of recommending best practices for the future of Aerospace Medicine and how to carry them out successfully.
The specific goal of this activity is to facilitate broader understanding of the potential risks associated with Aerospace Medicine and Human Systems Integration technologies—primarily in aircrew settings, but also in other, more general, operational medicine settings.

In order to continue the success we have enjoyed in previous years, we encourage you to invite interested individuals from your medical institutions to attend.