Aerospace Nursing Society

Aerospace Nursing Society

Welcome to the Aerospace Nursing Society’s webpage! 

This webpage is designed to be used as a communication tool for current members and to inform those who may be interested in aerospace nursing or allied health practiced in the aerospace environment.  Our membership is composed of nurses working in a wide variety of aerospace environments including military operations, commercial air travel and spaceflight, just to name a few.

The Aerospace Nursing Society (ANS) is a very diverse group with international membership. The ANS includes but is not limited to; military and civilian flight nurses, occupational nurses, preventative medicine nurses, and military and civilian emergency medical technicians and paramedics.


The Mary T. Klinker Award is presented by AsMA for significant contribution to, or achievement in, the field of aeromedical evacuation.  The award is named for US Air Force Captain Mary T. Klinker, a flight nurse with the 10th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron at Clark Air Base in the Philippines.  Mary was killed on the C-5A Galaxy which crashed on April 4, 1975 outside Saigon while evacuating Vietnamese orphans.

This award is sponsored by Zoll Medical Corporation. The Aerospace Nursing Society thanks George Beck of Zoll Medical Corporation for their support.


President: Karen Klingenberger

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