Abstract Submissions & Instructions for Presenters

Preparing Presentations for AsMA Annual Scientific Meetings

For this year's meeting, posters will be electronic. Please follow the instructions posted here.
   The deadline to upload your PowerPoint files of your Poster presentation is March 1. NO EXCEPTIONS.
   The following info will be useful as you are building your slides:

  • Please convert mathematical formulas to images, as some mathematical symbols will not display correctly if typed in as text.
  • Use 16:9 ratio for your PowerPoint presentation slides, otherwise information will be cut off the tops and bottoms of slides when displayed on the screens.
  • Maximum of 10 slides total.
  • If you have video and audio files, you will need to upload them on the website separately (not embedded in the PowerPoint). The poster display software will not play embedded video or audio files. You can still play them with your poster, but you will need to upload each video and/or audio file individually/separately for us to set up into the system for you. Video files should be .mp4 or .mov files, so if you have a different video file type, you will need to convert to either a .mp4 or .mov first. No hyperlinks to YouTube for video – send the actual video file.
  • Landscape Orientation for posters
   Additionally, here are some highly recommended tips to ensure your poster presentation is professional:
  •  Recommended fonts: Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman
  • Recommend large font size (please don’t attempt to enter the entire text from your poster onto one single PowerPoint slide. It is best to have a slide for each section (for example, one slide for Abstract, one slide for Background or Introduction, one slide for Methods, one slide for Results, one slide for Discussion, one slide for References…if you have graphics (photos, graphs, etc), then consider making that section more than one slide, to accommodate for text and graphics that are readable on the screen).
  • The use of QR codes are a phenomenal way to lead your readers to more information online (whether it’s your contact information, an applicable website, or further information on the topic that will enrich your reader’s understanding of your research or case study). Free QR codes can be generated at:
   Please upload poster files here:

   For amplifying information and step-by-step instructions on how to upload your file(s), please see the following pdf, courtesy of UHMS: instructions (also can be found at:
   UHMS has also included three sample templates for their users, which are posted here: template 1, template 2, and template 3 (these templates can also be found at:,, and
   If you run into snags along the way, or have questions that aren’t answered here, please contact LCDR Amanda Lippert at