May Corporate News Bites

April 26, 2022

May Corporate News Bites

These are shorter stories about some of AsMA's Corporate Members.

MedAire: MedAire announced a partnership with Aeromexico in which they would offer MedLink, the company’s in-flight medical advisory service. MedAire’s physicians will assist crewmembers with unwell passengers on demand on Aeromexico’s 86 domestic and international routes. is will include triage, treatment, and, if needed, the best airport to land at for the quickest and best care. Visit to read more.

IFALPA: e International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations (IFALPA) issued a statement in support of Ukraine, stating that they stand in solidarity with the pilots, crew, and people of Ukraine. ey have been in contact with the Ukrainian Pilots Association and have offered support. Please see to read the complete statement.