August Corporate News Bites

July 30, 2020

August Corporate News Bites

These are shorter pieces about some of AsMA's Corporate Members.

MedAire: MedAire’s MedLink is now available on VistaJet, an international private jet charter operator, through a tablet device developed by RDT. The device can transmit voice and data communications to provide MedLink doctors with clinical-quality information so they can make the best decisions possible. The connection to MedLink is through a secure onboard link. Please see for more on this.

AFBA: The Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA) and the 5Star Life Insurance Co. have named a Chief Distribution Officer effective immediately, consolidating the sales organizations for both entities. Appointed was Michael K. “Kimo” Wong, who has been with AFBA since 1977 and is responsible for setting strategic direction for AFBA’s membership enrollments for the active duty, first responder, and National Guard markets. Please visit to read more about this.