Space Medicine Association Awards

July 24, 2014

Space Medicine Association Awards

The Davis & Wyle Scholarships, the award for journal publication, and the President's Achievement Award were presented at the Space Medicine Association's luncheon during AsMA's 85th Annual Scientific Meeting.

Jeffrey R. Davis Scholarship
   In the photo, Jeffrey R. Davis, M.D. (left), presents the plaque for the scholarship to Nevine Mahmoud (center) while Scott Parazynski, M.D. (right), SMA President, looks on.
   The Space Medicine Association Scholarship sponsored by Jeffrey R. Davis is awarded each year to a college, medical school, residency, or fellowship student. The purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage students who have demonstrated academic achievement and shown an interest in Space Biology and Medical Operations to further pursue a career in Space Medicine. The winner of the 2014 Jeffrey R. Davis Scholarship is Nevine Mahmoud. She received her M.D. from Cairo University in Egypt, has completed residencies in Pediatrics and Family Medicine, and is now graduating from the Wright State University Aerospace Medicine Residency program. She presented research at the meeting on robotic neuro-prosthesis for pilot amputees.

Wyle Scholarship
   In the photo, Scott Parazynski, M.D. (left), SMA President, stands with the SMA Wyle Scholarship award winner, James Pattarini (right).
   The Space Medicine Association Wyle Scholarship is established in honor of Bob Ellis and in gratitude to the long-standing support of Wyle Laboratories. The Scholarship is awarded each year to an applicant in one of the disciplines supporting space medicine, such as biomedical engineering, spaceflight physiology, human factors research, or nursing. The purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage interest in space biology and medical operations by individuals in these disciplines and to encourage those individuals to further pursue a career in or in support of space medicine. The winner of the 2014 Wyle Scholarship is James Pattarini. He received his M.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo and his M.P.H. degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. He is currently an Internal Medicine/Aerospace Medicine resident at the University of Texas Medical Branch. He has published research papers on a variety of physiology problems related to the Red Bull Stratos Free Fall Project and Commercial Spaceflight.

Award for Journal Publication
   The Space Medicine Association Award for Journal Publication is presented to an individual who is the first or primary author of an outstanding article on space medicine published in the official journal of the Aerospace Medical Association, Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, during the previous calendar year. This year’s Journal Publication award goes to Adam Sirek for his article, “Doppler ultrasound of the central retinal artery in microgravity.” The full citation is: Sirek AS, Garcia K, Foy M, Ebert D, Sargsyan A, Wu JH, Dulchavsky SA. Doppler ultrasound of the central retinal artery in microgravity. Aviat Space Environ Med 2014; 85:3-8.

President’s Achievement Award
   In the photo, Scott Parazynski, M.D. (right), SMA President, presents the President’s Achievement Award to Steve Vander Ark (right).
   The President’s Achievement Award is presented each year for contributions to space medicine and/or contributions to the Space Medicine Association. It is chosen solely by the current President of the Space Medicine Association.
   This year the award goes to Steve Vander Ark. He has been the Secretary of the Space Medicine Association for the last 2 years, working tirelessly to keep the organization not only running smoothly but adapting to the many changes that  continuously occur in a modern professional association. Steve is now the Space Medicine Association President-Elect.