AsMA Members Lead Scout Aviation Maintenance Program

March 04, 2021

AsMA Members Lead Scout Aviation Maintenance Program

Peter Mapes, M.D., M.P.H., FAsMA, USAF (Ret.), and his wife, Nona Mapes, B.A., M.S., Col., USAF (Ret.), helped found and run a program in Oscoda, MI, for Boy Scouts to learn aviation maintenance.

The program, Scout Aviation Maintenance Experience (SAME), is open to Venturers, Explorers, Sea Scouts, and Scouts (all are part of the Boy Scouts of America) and teaches aircraft maintenance. The Mapes started the SAME program in 2019 with John Veld, another Air Force retiree, to give Boy Scouts a chance to learn aerospace skills. Those who qualify for the program spend 7 weeks during the summer rebuilding a small airplane. Each week they are taught a variety of skills which they get to apply.
   There is no fee to attend the program for those selected. A summer in the SAME program is valued at $6,000 per participant. Up to six Scouts are accepted each summer. Limited hosting is available for Scouts from outside of the local area. In 2020, Scouts from Maryland, New York, and Michigan participated.
   FAA-certified mechanics teach the classes in the well-equipped hangar. Scouts learn all aspects of airplane construction, restoration, and repair, including fabric work, avionics, rebuilding engines, repairing sheet metal, rigging, weight and balance, and flight controls. The Scouts use the Cessna service and parts manuals and FAA Advisory Circular 43-13. All the time worked counts toward earning FAA certification as airframe and powerplant mechanics.
   The first plane restored through this program was a Cessna 150B which last flew in 1992. It took two summers and two groups of Scouts, but it took off again in October 2020. The program is continuing in the summer of 2021 and is available to Scouts who have completed eighth grade or are 14 years or older. Scouts who complete the program become eligible to apply for a scholarship to learn how to fly that pays all flight and instructional expenses for a year.  The program is administered at the Oscoda-Wurtsmith Community Airport in Oscoda, MI. Its estimated value is $22,000. Up to two Scouts are accepted for scholarships each year.
   The application deadline for the aviation maintenance program is March 15. Those interested in the program should contact Pete Mapes at To read more about this program, please see the following articles:

Above, one of the instructors stands with the 2020 class of Venturers.