Annual Lectures

July 28, 2022

Annual Lectures

Both AsMA and UHMS provided their annual lectures in plenary sessions throughout the week.
All of the lectures can be viewed at:

67th Louis H. Bauer Lecture: Dr. Michael A. Berry (center) delivered the lecture. Representing the sponsor, KBR, is Keith Kreutzberg (left) with AsMA President Jim DeVoll (right).
Three men in grey suits stand in front of a stage. The middle gentleman holds the memento for the Bauer lecture.

8th Eugen Reinartz Panel (left to right)--Joe Dervay (moderator), Jon Clark, Jay Dean, Richard Moon, and Mike Gernhardt, were the panelists discussing pressure.
Seated on a stage are five men. The gentleman to the left is holding papers and looking at the gentlemen to the right. The three in the middle are listening to the gentleman on the right, who is speaking.

Eric P. Kindwall Memorial Lecture: Lindell Weaver, M.D., delivered the lecture, Monday, May 23. Christian J. Lambertsen Memorial Lecture: UHMS President, Marc Robins, introduces the lecturer, Robert Sanders. 56th Harry G. Armstrong Lecture: Melchor Antunano, M.D, the lecturer, receives a memento from Bob Laurent and George Anderson of ETC, sponsors of the lecture along with James DeVoll, AsMA President.
A white-haired gentleman with glasses stands behind a podium draped with a dark blue flag with AsMA's logo in color and its name in yellow. He is speaking into the attached microphone and there is a laptop on the podium in front of him. A gentleman wearing glasses stands behind a podium with AsMA's sign on it. He is speaking while the man standing to his right watches and listens. A group of four men stand in front of a black curtain with an American flag between them and the curtain. The gentleman second from the right holds the memento for the Armstrong lecture. To his right is Dr. Antunano, the lecturer.