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Sure, it's free all right, but what if they decide we're nuts and lock us up in a state institution for a few years? You in a woman's ward, me in a men's ward?

But that's the way it works.

No. She shook her head.We've lost our perspective. What we need is help, psychiatric help.

If we didn't have any, and couldn't get any, yes. But even there, you have to have a genuine desire to quit drinking.

If you'd kept up much longer I'd have joined you, I said, attempting a smile. -

Why? Is it free? she asked eagerly.

Why? Is it free? she asked eagerly.

Well, there's Saint Paul's, but I'm leery of it.

I could too, Harry. There are lots of things we could do together Did you ever get your G.I. loan?

That costs even more.

Well, there's Saint Paul's, but I'm leery of it.

What did, honey?

That isn't the way it works, baby, I told her.A psychiatrist isn't a witch doctor with a speedy cure for driving out the devils. It's a long process, as I understand it, and the patient really cures himself. All the psychiatrist can do is help him along by guiding the thinking a little bit. He listens and says nothing. He doesn't even give the patient any sympathy. All he does is listen.

A veteran can borrow all kinds of money I think they loan as high as four thousand dollars.

I could too, Harry. There are lots of things we could do together Did you ever get your G.I. loan?

Not a public hospital.

Why? Is it free? she asked eagerly.

Do you know what's the matter with us, Harry?

Well, suppose you had died and I hadn't? And I woke up, and there you were-dead, and there I'd be, alone, still alive, without you, without anything. . . Her tears started to flow again, but with better restraint. I held her on my lap like a frightened child; her face against my shoulder. I made no attempts to prevent her silent crying. I just patted her gently on her bare back, letting her cry it out. I knew precisely how she felt, because my feelings were exactly the same. Within a few minutes she was calm again and smiling her secret, tragic smile.

That doesn't make any sense to me.

I caught some of Helen's enthusiasm, but for a different reason. The prospect of a good rest, a chance to sleep at night, some proper food in my stomach appealed to me. It was a place to start from . . .

Well . . . She thought for a few moments.They could get us off the liquor couldn't they?

I don't want to drink anymore, Harry. Let's take a chance on it, to see what happens. We can't lose anything, and I know they aren't going to lock us up anywhere, because it costs the state too much money for that. Both of us need some kind of help right now, and you know it

A week wouldn't be so bad at that, I said.I could get straightened around some, maybe do a little thinking. I might come up with an idea.

We can go to a hospital.

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